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Selling Apples: How to Convert Visitors into Customers with Dialogue Content

From us to you

Time for a conscious change

Have you ever wondered what sets great websites apart from good ones? Alright, have a guess… Compelling design? Partially. Loading speed? You’re getting closer! It has to do with something that can be seen and should be easy to understand. Ring a bell? We’re talking about content.

To Convert or Not to Convert, that’s the question

Now there are two types of content in this world. The one that converts visitors into customers, and the one that doesn’t. You always want to make sure you are using the first one or you may just as well leave your pages blank. We can hear you think: ‘How do I create converting content?’ That is a good question, which we will answer shortly.

conversion content
Engaging with relevance

Two-way Content Marketing

Your website is part of a conversation. A very important conversation taking place when you are not there. It is very important to realize that you are never there when a potential customer visits your website unless you are performing live tests for research ;). So now imagine that your website is a friend of yours. A very talkative friend. You know, that one friend that really likes to talk about themselves a lot. Everyone has a friend like that. Even when nobody is listening they keep talking. And the worst part of it all is that they are just talking about themselves, fairly unaware of other people’s experience and needs. Sadly this is what most websites are like. We are not kidding, just browse around the web a little and you will come across website that use the following content structure.

Selling apples and apples

Market stall example

Imagine it is Saturday morning and you are heading over to the local market for your groceries. There are many market stalls there, all competing for your attention. Much like competitors popping up in Google when you do a simple search. They all want to convince you of their value. The text on one of the stalls appeals to you (Google search result or ad) so you decide to take a closer look (click) and you have a closer look at what the stall has to offer (website).

As you come closer you try to discover how their product or service can benefit you.

Now imagine them answering the questions below the wrong way we see so often. Take a look at the right to see what it would be like.

In none of these answers, we see any reason why the customer should become interested in buying from MyApples. Sadly, it is what we see every day all around the web.

But what would be the right way to do it then?

Why is this so bad? Well, just imagine listening to that friend who just talks about him or herself. They will never ask you how you feel, before continuing his monologue. What a bore it is. What you are looking for is a dialogue. You want to feel heard and understood just like anyone else. You want to feel like you matter too. So what is the next step you take? You leave, right? Exactly, just like everyone else. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you are gone. You have a lot better things to do than listening to some ego showcase.

Giving what is needed

Creating a dialogue

What is important to realize, is that the visitor of your website already has needs before arriving there. So there is no need to take up all space for introducing yourself and trying to sell yourself, your story,  your bla bla. Instead, take it to the next level. If you are a good marketing manager you already know the needs of your customer and why they would need you. Talk about that instead. In your content, respond to those needs as well as you possibly can. Take a look at the chart below and see how you can rethink each basic question. This will help you take a different approach when creating content. In the old approach ‘we’ represents the brand. In the new approach ‘you’ represents the customer.

Selling the right way

Sunny's super apples

Now let’s test this concept with MyApples in mind. Translating every new question into content (visual and text) for the marketing of Sunny’s Super Apples. She is selling the same apples but she presents them and the company in a customer focused way. Take a look at the way the content could look with this new approach.


So to sum things up you could say creating converting content boils down to three essential elements:

  • Know the needs of your customer and respond to those directly.
  • Talk about them instead of you (in visuals as well as text).
  • Actively listen to your audience and regularly adjust your message accordingly.

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