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Brenntag | DigiB Digital Corporate Startup

digital transition for chemical distribution

Client Profile

Company Brenntag - Digital Corporate Startup
Product/ServiceChemical distribution

about brenntag/digib

Brenntag is a conglomerate in chemical distribution. More than 12 billion turnover and 15k + employees, 55 locations and 74 countries active. It was a traditional B2B business that had to undergo a digital transformation in order to guarantee continuity.

main activities

  • Create a scalable online lead generation process (B2B) that could be implemented efficiently.
  • Maximize ROI with as little resources as possible.
  • B2B Lead relevance increased, and CPL lowered. Minimized waste from accidental B2C leads.
  • Designed and implemented a future-proof scalable and efficient lead generation blueprint that is easily rolled out to multiple countries.

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