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It's all about targeting

How to reach your ideal customer online?

How can you reach your ideal customer through the digital highway? That is a good question! 
There are several ways in which we go about targeting your ideal customer through digital channels. But first we need to find out where they are at. That is done with target group research. 

What does target group research entail? Take a look below at the services we offer:


In order to target effectively we conduct online research to find out the following details about the target group. 
This list can be more extensive when the target group is in a specific niche. 

  • Geographic details (where are they located: we can zoom in as close as postal code level)
  • Demographic (what are their characteristics such as: race, ethnicity, gender, age, education, profession, occupation, income level, and marital status)
  • Interests (what are they interested in personally as well as professionally)
  • Channel use (which channels do they use online personally as well as professionally)
  • Generation differences (which specific generational differences apply to them and their behavior)


When we know who we are looking for, we can dive deeper into targeting and identify the digital customer journey of the buyer persona.

The customer journeys we create give you clear insights into the journey of the buyer persona. Each journey revolves around two major components: 

  • Touchpoints: the moments or phases the buyer persona goes through from awareness to action. We carefully map each phase so it is clear what kind of message we will need to use in order to assist them in getting what they need. While we are doing that, we make sure that your company becomes top of mind ánd top of find.
  • Channels: the best companion of the touchpoints are the channels. In the customer journey we carefully link the channels through which the buyer persona is most likely to receive the information that will guide them to the desired behavior: buying your product or service. Here we take into account the full range of channels (offline and online), because very often an omni-channel approach proves to be most effective.

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For companies who are looking to scale to different countries or product categories we make a scalable targeting blueprint. 

This extra step will cost a little more time now, but it saves tons of time in the future. 
What we do is we map out what the shared characteristics of the buyer persona’s are, regardless of their country or culture. This is how we get to the core persona. Then based on that we can efficiently create buyer persona’s for many different countries by just adding the local characteristics such as cultural differences, languages, etc…

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